Kilkishen Community Planning Survey



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Local volunteers from across the community are drafting a development plan for Kilkishen and we want to hear what the residents of the area think about living here.   We’re asking you to think about the questions, talk about them with family, friends, neighbours, and then give us your thoughts.  We encourage all residents – of all ages – to participate and we ask parents/guardians to support their children to complete a questionnaire.

Volunteers will deliver the surveys door to door beginning Monday November 18.  More copies of the survey are available in the village at Nonies, Gala, Enda’s Hardware Shop, the Cultural Centre and the Church and completed surveys can be returned to secure boxes at the same locations.

The deadline for completing the survey is Saturday November 30.  Your response will be confidential and we will hold further local conversations on the issues identified.

This initiative is supported by the Clare LEADER programme under the management of Clare Local Development Company

About Us

The Kilkishen Development Association was set up in 2001. Currently we are working on the restoration of the Kilkishen Church of Ireland building, to read more about this project click here!

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