May 27

East Clare Comunity Development Research

UCD Teagasc

East Clare Community Development


 A joint research collaboration between University College Dublin and Teagasc wishes to explore the experience of rural households in the post-recessionary economy, the extent to which they are still experiencing the impacts of the recession, and the degree to which they may have recovered or are recovering.

The objective of the study is to understand and promote social and economic development in rural economies.

In order to achieve the aims of our research we would like to gather information from households in your area using a questionnaire survey. A number of households will be randomly selected and the research team will call over to these households between May 24th – June 7th to ask if they are willing to participate in a household survey.

The surveys will be left with the householder to complete at their own convenience and collected at a later date.

The study has been co-ordinated by Prof. Mark Scott and Dr. Enda Murphy at the School of Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin, and Dr. David Meredith at Teagasc. The research is part of an independent study, is strictly anonymous, and completely confidential.



FOR FURTHER INFORMATION REGARDING ANY ASPECT OF THE STUDY PLEASE CONTACT JP FAULKNER AT: jon-paul.faulkner@ucdconnect.ie                                                                                                                                                                                                     Phone: 086-8948807 / 01-716-2813