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Clare Shout Festival

About Clare Shout

The inaugural Clare Shout Festival was held in 2006 & is now held annually in September.  The festival celebrates the famed Clare Shout.  The highlight of the festival is the Clare Shout competition for adults on the Saturday evening after Mass.  The U16 Clare Shout competition is held during the Family Fun Day on the Sunday afternoon.

However the weekend is packed with other activities with something for everyone.  Other activities include traditional music and singing, gospel choir singing, Rock music, Cullaun Lake activity day, cookery demonstration, bingo, hurling tournament final, road bowling, tag rugby tournament, country market, vintage display, photo competition, senior art competition, a children’s treasure hunt, junior art workshop, family fun day, street parade and many, many more events.

The History of the Clare Shout
The history of the Clare Shout is shrouded in mystery but is believed to date back to pre-Celtic times in Ireland. Older people in parts of Clare recall watching people of an even older generation facing the setting sun on fine autumn evenings while giving vent to a double-echo shout. This has led to the theory that the Clare Shout may have been a form of autumnal worship in pagan times.
Whatever about its primeval origins, the shout is unique to Clare. It was a rallying cry that echoed around Clontarf when Brian Boru led the clans of Dal gCais into battle against the Danes on Good Friday 1014.

It was also raised as a war cry by the men of Clare’s Dragoons at Fontenoy and on other European battle fields in later centuries. It greeted the great Liberator Daniel O’Connell when the people of Clare elected him as the first Catholic Member of the British House of Commons.

It was a particular favourite of the late President and Taoiseach Eamonn de Valera, TD for Clare for over 40 years, who was fascinated by its unique double echo.

The Clare Shout greeted the great Clare hurling team of the mid-nineties as they won All-Ireland hurling honours for the Banner County.

Whatever its exact origins, like our language, our music, our hurling and the limestone rocks of the Burren, the Clare Shout has survived to the present day.

The winner of the competition is not necessarily the person who shouts the loudest but the person whom the judges believe to be the best at delivering the unique and authentic Clare Shout.

Clare Shout Champions

Senior & Junior 2012 Clare Shout Winners

Senior & Junior 2012 Clare Shout Winners


2006 Stephen Hickey

2007 Joe O’Gorman

2008 Mary Murphy

2009 David Walsh

2010 Joe O’Gorman

2011 No Festival

2012 Sharon Canny

2013 Martin Madden

2014 No Festival

U 16

The U 16 competition was launched in 2008

2008 Caoimhe Kelly

2009 Michéal Hayes

2010 Moll Nolan

2011 No Festival

2012 Jamie Harmon

2013 Aoibheann Meere

2014 No Festival


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