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Church of Ireland History

Church of Ireland, Kilkishen

Church of Ireland, Kilkishen

Brief History of Church of Ireland Community, Kilkishen   1811  –  1961 

The Church was built in 1811 through a grant from the “Board of First Fruits” which was an institution of the Church of Ireland that was established in 1711 by Queen Anne, the object was to build and improve churches and glebe houses throughout Ireland. This was funded from taxes collected on clerical incomes which incomes were funded by tithes and of course all landowners, Catholic and Protestant were subject to the payment of tithes. The oldest record surviving for Kilkishen is the Vestry  book, the entries dating to 1832, the parish was called Clonlea. In that year it is recorded that the Rev. W Anderson was Rector and the Church Wardens were David Ievers and Henry Bingham.

In 1833 the Church wardens were Thomas Studdert and Henry Bingham.

In 1837 the select Vestry comprised of Basil Davoren, David Lynaham, Henry Baylee, Stephen Ryan, Rudolph Healy, John McNamara, Jeremiah Tuohy, John McInerney and Henry Bingham with the Rev John Carroll being Rector at that time.

In 1874 the church wardens were Major R.A. Studdert and Lucas Wade, Lucas was the first person to be buried in the burial ground surrounding the church.

In 1875 the Church of Ireland parish of Clonlea was united with that of Broadford (Kilseily) with the Rector residing in Kilkishen. Both churches remained open for worship and 1907 the Church in Broadford closed with the congregation in that parish then worshipping in Kilkishen.

In 1918 the select vestry elected comprised Col. W Bentley, John Phelps, Digby Bentley, Bobert Hewitt, Thomas Hewitt, P.L.K. Dobbin, John Warren, Lucas Wade, A.J. Parker and Capt. George Studdert.

In 1921 the families recorded as worshipping in Kilkishen were Bentley, Dundas, Studdert, Dobbin, Hewitt, Baylee, Warren, Warrell, Wade, Parker and Clifton.

In 1922 John Warren and Col. W.A. Bentley were Church Wardens and Major G. Studdert was glebe Warden.

In 1923 the following people were recorded as vestry people: Col. W.A. Bentley, Major G. Studdert, P.L. Dobbin, John Warren, Walter Warren, Lucas Wade, Mrs Baylee, Robert Hewitt, Tom Hewitt, Edward Hewitt, who together with other members of the Bentley, Dobbin, Lily, Warren, Baylee, Warrell, McCredy, and Wade families comprising the congregation from Kilseily and Clonlea worshipping in Kilkishen Church.  The congregation then dwindled as a result of emigration and so that by 1958 the congregation was down to 3, two members of the Warrell family and Lucas Wade and the congregation died out with his death in 1961.

The marriage register dates from 1844 to 1946 and it records 20 marriages in that period. In 1853 Lucas Wade, a policeman married Mary Hardgrove a widow. In 1877 Lucas Wade a shopkeeper married Mary Ann Caldwell whose father was a member of the R.I.C. The last wedding was in 1946 when Istvan Lipozi married Iris Mary Ferguson whose father was the Rev. S. Ferguson then residing in Kilkishen rectory.

The baptism register dates from 1879 to 1947 and records a total of 40 baptisms.

The Burial register dates from 1891 to 1961 and records 22 burials. The first burial recorded is in 1891 for Luca Wade, a retired policeman aged 79 years and the last burial recorded is for his son Lucas Wade in 1961 aged 83 years. His wife Mary died in 1973. Major Robert Ashworth Studdert of kilkishen House died in 1906 aged 89. The last parishioner of Kilseily, Digby Bentley died in 1951. Major George Studdert of Cullane House died in 1936.