Qi GongQi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice designed for health and well being.  A six week course will begin in the Kilkishen  Cultural Centre on Tuesday 12th of September from 10am-11am.

This course will be conducted by Rainier and here is his profile:

I first came across Qi Gong (Wild Goose Qi Gong) as a part of the Chen Thai Chi I practised to balance my busy life when working as a chef in New Zealand.  I noticed the benefits of the practice in a very short time. I became a lot calmer and more focused during work and had more long lasting energy.   When I moved to a different area I came across Zhineng Qi Gong a method that was founded by Yuan Tze’s teacher Dr. Ming Pang in the 1970′s and 1980′s as a synthesis of many ancient lineages of Chinese healing practices.  This style of qi gong was originally developed for use in the world’s largest Chinese “medicinie-less hospital”, and is now practised widely throughout the world.   I started the teacher training with Yuan Tze 2012 and return to New Zealand each year to continue the training and  to study.   Yuan Tze’ intention in creating Ren Xue and Yuan Gong is to offer a tool that can be used to understand and improve life. The more people who can experience health, happiness, well being and harmony, the more harmonious society will be.